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Beautiful You!

How wonderful that you have "landed here".  I always believe it is through Divine Providence that people find me!

Beautiful You Sanctuary - Temenos of the Soul,  is my latest and most beloved Divine offering. Not least because it has been so very long in the making :)


It weaves and combines together all of my skills and experience gained over the last twenty five years of learning how to live, what I like to call a "Divinely Magical Life".

Encompassed, Blessed and wrapped up in sacred beauty, friendship, hope, upliftment, tribe, Divine connection and transformation, and last but definitely not least joyful community

. . . 

I do hope you will love it as much as I do!

If you would like to know more click the discover button below.

with much love and many sacred blessings.

Julie x


Your Unique Gifts

You are a unique and wonderful creative Divine being, gifted with so many passions and purposes. Here at Beautiful You Sanctuary - Temenos of The Soul, we aim to Celebrate your Gifts, and help you to grow in belief and certainty in using them.

We do that by giving you the opportunity of a regular weekly immersion experience into the Sacred. Our number one focus is to give you a regular, consistent live experience of the Sacred.

We do this because, we know that most problems can be resolved, or at the very least soothed by soaking in the Sacred,  the Divine Presence of love, or one of the many other names that are given for the Sacred One-ness. God, All that is etc.

From the Divine Presence (or whatever you choose to name it) guidance is received that is far beyond our normal daily limitations and anxieties.  Miracles are normal (yes, really). Peace abounds. Joy is Normal, and Wealth is abundantly normal too! - Success is available at any time, and unconditional acceptance is totally real. 

This is the place that I believe every human being longs for (wether they know it or not) I believe we are "hard wired" for the sacred. That at some level we all long for the sacred.


N.B How do I have the experience to say this? You can read about my long background in the sacred here . . .


Whatever your passions in life, we are here to help you grow in Divine confidence in fulfilling them. And yes, bringing your gifts to the world in an authentic, sacred, Divinely, joyful and even Magical Way!


If this genuinely calls to your heart and Spirit,  we will be most glad if  you will come join us.

Temenos of The Soul

Beautiful You Sanctuary is our Temenos of the Soul. Our Sacred Container and 

Divine Incubator

 to dive deeply each week into the Sacred. To infuse, bask and soak in the Divine Healing Presence of Grace, love, transformation, and Power.

This Blessing Place, or Sacred Sanctuary contains all healing, all light, all creativity, all guidance. All breakthrough, all transformation.

And we are going to access it together LIVE weekly!


Also, We will rediscover the foundational teachings of Living a Divine Life and lovingly practise the Art of Conscious Creation together.

Beautiful You Sanctuary - Temenos of The Soul is for enthusiastic Passionate, heart led People

Bringing their Gifts

to the World.

Who wish to do it whilst remaining with at least one foot in the sacred at the same time- You know who you are!

Read my thoughts on bringing your gifts to the world in a sacred way here . . .